Historic Home Renovation & Home Remodeling

Historic-Renovation-Home-RemodelingDo you have a Historic Home Renovation project to complete? Are you looking for a Home Renovation or Remodeling Team? 

Westchester Counties rich history has left us and our landscape inspiring, unique and historic gems: old buildings full of character and gorgeous houses built in centuries past, still standing today as architectural reminders of a beautiful time gone by.

When a homeowner is looking to start a historic restoration or historic renovation project on a historic building or private home, choosing the right historic renovation team is paramount to the success of the project.
Dennis Adams Contracting has a wide range of experience and knowledge of the many unique challenges presented by historic home renovation of the Hudson Valley. Our historic home restoration and renovation teams know exactly how to plan, research, coordinate and execute historic restoration projects. With a keen eye for even the smallest details, our historic home renovation teams have the passion and talent needed to get the most challenging and rewarding projects done right.  

Dennis Adams Contracting team is an outfit of true experts. We know how to preserve and restore the charm of old homes and buildings while integrating and updating them with state-of-the-art amenities.

With a focus on true craftsmanship, Dennis Adams Contracting seamlessly blends original character with contemporary details, giving you the chance to preserve the history of your home while still enjoying all of the modern conveniences of today. Dennis Adams Contracting focuses on incorporating environmentally-friendly building techniques into your historic renovation, bringing structures up to current safety codes, utilizing energy efficiency amenities, and modernizing your interiors to reflect your family’s unique lifestyle.

For historic commercial properties and buildings, Dennis Adams Contracting renovations adds value to your business. Creating an efficient and convenient business while preserving the beauty of historical buildings shows your community you’re committed to the history of your neighborhood. We’ll help you create a true business investment by staying true to the integrity of your historic building while renovating the inside to provide customers with attractive and modern conveniences

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