Contracting Projects

general-contacting-westchester-ny Since our inception in 1991, Dennis Adams Contracting has focused on the needs of Westchester county home and commercial property owners. We specialize in home improvement and remodeling construction – Transforming existing residencies and revitalizing offices and commercial property.

Westchester and Fairfield County are both seeing an increased number of homeowners decide to remodel, renovate, and improve their existing homes rather than move. Dennis Adams Contracting wants to be your residential home remodeling contractor of choice. You’ve probably seen some of our work already; in Chappaqua, NY, Banksville, NY, Katonah, NY, Armonk, NY, Bedford, NY, Bedford Hills, NY, and many adjacent towns in the Westchester, Fairfield County area.

With most homes in Westchester and Fairfield County reaching ages well over 40 plus years, many home remodeling projects and home contracting jobs are a necessity. While homes age, home contracting work from Dennis Adams Contracting can restore its youthful shine

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